The installations:

  • Non-smoking accommodation
  • 50 square meters of floor space in two rooms
  • 25m2 bedroom/studio
  • 25m2 kitchen/living area
  • Full bath with tub
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Electric/woodstove heating
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fan
  • Five-meter-long work table
  • Lots of daylight  and mountain views all round
  • Small terrace off kitchen facing morning sun, larger garden terrace facing evening sun
  • Ski/storeroom (we’re just 25 kilometers down the mountain from the ski resort)
  • Extra bed up on kitchen loft

The services:

  • High-speed DSL Internet connection
  • Painting and printmaking workshops and materials, by arrangement
  • Collaborative printmaking with artists (both printmakers and from other media), by arrangement
  • Access to etching studio, by arrangement
  • Once-a-week maid service
  • Immersion Spanish courses, by arrangement


  • Granada bus stops at door
  • Restorative mountain views
  • Tranquil setting away from village
  • Walking path to Granada
  • Nightingales sing day and night in spring and summer
  • Also golden orioles, falcons, songbirds, bee eaters…
  • Our village, Pinos Genil, is one of the gateways to the Sierra Nevada National Park
  • Rustic installations which feel luxurious to artists and writers
  1. Ed
    01/04/2010 at 12:03 PM

    Well done! Another great investment at your property!

    I’m currently trying to start writing War & Peace in North Carolina, but may need to return to Spain. But since I’m letting out my entire house in Madrid…………

    Muchos besos, Ed

    • 01/04/2010 at 1:27 PM

      Mike and I can’t think of anyone we would rather have as our first artist-in-residence in the Gallinero, Edward.

  2. 27/08/2010 at 2:44 AM

    Maureen and Mike,
    (Wrote this once and lost it…) B and I are interested in about a month work/stay this winter – actually any time from November through April, Jan/ Feb being best for us. Any openings? We talked once about an arranged residence/studio swap for someone in Europe/Spain. We have a private residence with studio facilities including an etching press and 13×19″ Epson R1900 digital printer midway between Denver, Colorado Springs, Taos and Santa Fe. I’ll try to call you Friday (late A.AM. here, evening there). That is the 27th, tomorrow.

    I’ve started the drawing ebook – about 2/3ds done. Check it out.
    and our website:
    Mel and Bernice
    (1 719 539 2637)

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