How to Economize

The Río Genil below Pinos Genil

Want to lower the price of your stay in El Gallinero? It’s easy. Whether you come to do a printmaking workshop with Maureen or just to visit Granada the best way to economize is to come with a friend and pay the bill between the two. If they’re good friends or family, willing to sleep in the same (large) room, you could even bring two friends. If your friends also participate in the workshop, that price is also reduced significantly.

Another approach which will save you money will be to fly to Málaga instead of Granada. The Granada airport is small and poorly connected so flying there will mean higher costs and longer layovers. If you fly to Málaga you have a wider choice of flights, flight times and prices, and from there it’s just a two-hour bus ride to Granada on a comfortable bus across lovely Andalusian countryside.

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