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Same Old Scene, This Misty April 3 Morning

Genil Valley Granada

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Print Room Renovation: Welcome to My New Micro Gallery

Maureens new microgallery

When our son got married and left home we inherited his bedroom, a place with a separate entrance at the west end of the house. For years we used it as an overflow area and called it “the Print Room,” because I stored some prints there. Mainly it was home to my paper cutter. (That black artifact on a wooden stand behind my right elbow in the photo is a cast-iron guillotine built around the end of the 19th century in Leipzig, Germany. It still cuts paper, cardboard and solar plates beautifully.) With time, however, the roof began to leak and the Print Room became a cold, damp, unpleasant place.

After last Christmas we finally got around to fixing it up and I confess I’m delighted with the results. The idea was to clear out alll the junk, put on a new roof on it and convert it into a mini gallery for showing some of my prints and paintings. We just finished hanging the work a couple of days ago and I think it looks great.

Maureens new microgallery

“It’s 1952, Babe…”

Happy Winter Solstice!

Maureen Tanya MikeAround this time every year—time for summing up the past year and making resolutions for the next—I am reminded of John Lee Hooker, who has become a reference around our house and the occasion for a lot of laughs between Mike and me for saying in one of his songs, “It’s 1952, babe, I’m gon’ turn over a brand new leaf.”  Does anybody ever turn over a brand new leaf? I wonder. It’s our experience that we have to take what we’ve got and use it creatively to muddle through. And, given the cards that the bankers and politicians have dealt us in recent years, just to muddle through feels like a victory.

  • For us, on the muddle-through scale, the past year has been extraordinary. I’ve had a lot of work making and editing my own prints and some for other artists, along with conducting one-on-one printmaking workshops for artists in my studio. Along the way I’ve made some wonderful new friends—most of them from Australia, and renewed friendships with those who have returned.

  • Mike had a health scare but came out of it feeling frisky and thankful to be alive. And he continues to edit his online magazine, ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living.

Eli Rafa GabrielOur children are well and prospering and our grandchildren—including two wonderful great grandkids—ranging in age from 29 to two months, are sources of tremendous pride and satisfaction, and we’ll be seeing most of them over the holidays. The one missing will be Elisa, our five-foot-one Spanish/Viking granddaughter, and her family who have moved to Nottingham in the U.K., though we hope to see them in the coming year.


  • We’ve scaled down our animals both in size and number. For years we had Great Danes, mastiffs and large lurchers. Then some 20 years ago a friend gave us a delightful little mongrel bitch pup—Cacolina–who became the foundation dam for our own charming strain of short-legged, wire-haired Cacolinos. At one point we had five of them, along with a half a dozen cats. Now we’re down to a single Shih-Tzu-cross bitch, Cuca, who makes us laugh a lot.

  • Maureen Cat MicaAnd two cats: Mica, the grey grandmother who still tries to hunt with no teeth, and Rosie, the new kitten who turned up virtually dessicated in our pantry, responded to skim milk from a syringe and soon became fat and sassy.

  • That is not to say everything was fine in the past year, nor does the world situation inspire optimism for the future. On the negative side of the ledger we’ve got enough corrupt Spanish politicians to derail a train, record unemployment, and honest people’s homes being repossessed by banks we’ve just bailed out. Not to mention weekly drone assassinations, school shootings and black ops on the international scene. At times like this I feel lucky to be an artist who can take refuge in my work.

Regarding next year, we hope you have a happy and prosperous one. As for us, It’s 2014, babe, we’re gon’ turn over a brand new leaf!

Big Spanish-style hugs from Maureen and Mike

(John Lee Hooker’s Brand New Leaf

The NASA Features Granada as APOD


Photo by Granada photographer, Guido Montañés

The Granada newspapers are all aflutter this morning with the news that NASA’s Astronomy Blog has featured this picture of Granada’s Sierra Nevada topped by a gigantic cone-shaped cloud (or is it an alien starship?) as an APOD (Astronomical Photo of the Day). My heartfelt congratulations to photographer, Guido Montañés, who is the son of an old friend of ours, Pedro Montañés.

Our house–and my studio and Gallinero residence–is roughly indicated by the church in the center of the picture. We’re in the valley directly behind the spire, nine kilometers south of the city.

Come and see us when you can and we’ll talk about fine-art prints!

2013 Summer Sale of My Printmaking Master Classes Videos

Take Advantage of Friendly Prices Now to Complete Your Collection of My Printmaking Learning Videos–Offer good till August 26, 2013

Maureen Booth MasterprinterI’ve met a few printmakers lately who didn’t even know I had made a series of printmaking learning videos. I was shocked. So I decided to offer a big discount and announce them on all the printmaking sites. You can now download any and all of the videos at a discount of 40%. So you can now buy a single video, normally $19.95, for $11.97. And all six of them are just $71.82, down from $119.70.

I had a lot of fun making these videos with video producer, Juan Carlos Romera, and they have received a warm reception from the printmakers who have downloaded them thus far.

To take advantage of the offer you’ll need this discount code: 486Q9512. When you reach the payment stage of the order process on my Printmaking Master Classes site, introduce this code when prompted. And don’t forget, once your order is processed I’ll send you the secret links that will permit you to see your videos on YouTube from any internet connection, anywhere.

I’d love to hear your comments after you use my videos. Were they clear, helpful, or even inspiring?

Urgent: I Have Changed My Email Address

In the gardenDue to a server saga I won’t bore you with, I have lost the email address I have used for years. So, please take note of the new one: If you have tried to contact me in the past month or so, I haven’t received your message. Please re-send to the new address.


This Morning in the Garden

Granada butterfly quinceIt’s one of those mistish mornings when the sun isn’t sure whether it’s going to shine or retire, with that shifty light that most people consider bad for making photographs. Our cold rainy spring has started to ease up and things in the garden have begun to sprout. Mike, who has one of those whatever-shall-I-do-this-morning mornings, picked up a camera and headed into the bush. This is what he came up with. Read more…

Things We Love About Granada — II/II

Alhambra panorama

  • Our Spanish neighbors, tremendously generous, helpful and hospitable
  • Excellent fish, fruit and produce
  • Paellas and barbecues on the terrace over wood fires
  • Good sports facilities in Granada and most of the towns & villages
  • Spacious and beautiful countryside for all outdoor pursuits
  • Granada kid and lamb
  • The lifestyle. Not as “relaxed” as you might think, as we both work, but not as insane as in other places
  • Advanced attitudes on issues like human rights, freedom of speech, equality, abortion, social justice
  • The roads. We didn’t realize how good they were till we visited the United States
  • The way Spaniards hold their drink. In 40 years in Granada we haven’t seen a punch-up.
  • Our  artist and writer friends
  • Always changingl morning and evening mountain light
  • Poetry readings, book presentations, art exhibits
  • Historic architecture, including the Alhambra
  • Coffee/coffeeshops/breakfasts
  • Professional waiters
  • The outdoor markets
  • Gardens
  • The way Spaniards cherish children
  • Nearby car trips
  • Old-fashioned fruit: quince, medlars, madrones…
  • Semi-tropical fruit: mangos, loquats, avocados, love apples…
  • The morning glories

Things We Love About Granada — I/II

Pintora Granada Autumn

  • Mountain hikes and picnics
  • Hunting wild mushrooms/pine cones/firewood/aromatic herbs
  • Wildflowers
  • Breakfasts on the beach at Motril
  • Lunch at the beach bar
  • Summer nights everywhere
  • Strolling in Granada
  • Wine and tapas with friends
  • Cold, damp winter days, roasting chestnuts in the fire
  • Spanish friends who treat us like family
  • The incredible little wrens nesting in the morning glories
  • Every-day-but-Sunday garbage collection
  • A whole new culinary tradition both cooking and eating
  • The wines: varied, good, cheap
  • The extraordinary health services
  • Our stone farmhouse in the country
  • The prices
  • The climate. We didn’t come here for the sunshine, but we enjoy it.
  • The siesta. Quality of life!
  • The beautiful graffiti around the city done by “El Niño de las Pinturas”
  • The street life. The sidewalk cafes are a way of life day and night.
  • The health clubs, pools and spas; fine and reasonably priced
  • The reservoir for swimming and kayaking
  • The Sierra Nevada skiing, dining and bar hopping
  • Grocery shopping at excellent, inexpensive supermarkets
  • The water

Fancy a Guitar Making Course in Granada?

Henner Hagenlocher, maestro guitarreroFancy a guitar making course in Granada? Here’s your opportunity: Henner Hagenlocher is an old friend and a consummate guitar craftsman. Longtime Granada resident, he builds some of this city’s finest guitars. Henner speaks everything. Satisfaction guaranteed! Henner's hand work