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Maureen’s Gallinero Artists’ Cabin Gets Freshened Up

Autumn Upgrade for a Special Guest

You never notice how badly a place needs painting until you paint it. Though in our case it isn’t paint, it’s whitewash. That was the traditional way of painting houses inside and out in the Spanish pueblos. That’s changed now, of course. All homes are painted with plastic paint. In truth, I can’t imagine living inside a plastic bag, and Mike agrees with me. So we do whitewash. It kills all bacteria and leaves the house sparkling and with a unique clean aroma.

What’s the occasion? The “occasion” is Iram Wani, a wonderful Pakistani printmaker and art educator who is arriving from Islamabad on the fourth of October, the day after tomorrow. Besides staying in the Gallinero she’ll be working with me in the studio for a month. This will be Iram’s second visit. She came here for a two-week working holiday about five years ago. As is usually the case with keen artists, it was more work than holiday, and she left with a bundle of lovely prints.

Here’s a few photos Mike made yesterday so you could see the new look, which includes some smashing new bookshelves, a gift from my dear friend, Ana María.

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Our Village Featured on Andalusian TV as a Model Good-Life Pueblo

A team from Canal Sur, the Andalusian regional television channel, dropped by my studio on a tip from my neighbors to include me in a program they’re producing on the best, healthiest places to live in Andalusia (that’s Spain’s eight most southernmost provinces, including Granada). Our pueblo, Pinos Genil definitely fills the bill. It has improved physically a lot over five decades, but its people are still the salt of the earth. We have found it an ideal place to live since we arrived here in the fall of 1969. The proof of the pudding is that we never left.  These are the photos Mike took while the television kids were in my studio. Isabel, the presenter, thought it would be fun to interview me while I was painting, so I painted her.


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