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Have You Discovered Pinterest.com?

What’s a Gallinero? And why would you want to stay there?

Screen shot of Mike Booth's Pinterest.com page

We´ve recently discovered Pinterest.com and we’re excited about it as it seems to be an ideal showcase for the work of visual artists, a constant concern at our house. Essentially Pinterest is an online scrapbook application. Instead of pasting magazine illustrations, family photographs, etc. into a scrapbook, you “pin” them onto a virtual board which Pinterest provides you. Besides images you can also pin videos, which adds a lot of interest (and possibilities for artists) I think.

It seems that Pinterest is the fastest-growing Internet startup ever, going from zero to 12 million visits monthly in just a year. That’s 12 million possibilities for visitors to see your work displayed there every month. And it will soon be 20 million, and then 50. And then who knows?!

Have a look at the Pinterest site that Mike recently created and is still building and see if it doesn’t give you some ideas of your own.

What’s a Gallinero? And why would you want to stay there?

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